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VAT Recovery on bad debts

VAT recovery on bad debts in countries where your company carries out taxable transactions.

If your company makes supplies of goods or services to a customer, but the invoices are not paid, the company may be able to claim relief from VAT on bad debts incurred, subject to certain conditions being met and that proper documentation be set in place.

VAT Systems can take care of this process for your company:

Service steps
  1. 1Analysis of the data sent by the client;
  2. 2Validating requirements;
  3. 3Computation of the recoverable VAT;
  4. 4Preparation and filing of any requests or supporting documents;
  5. 5Recovery of the VAT.
VAT Systems France and Portugal are certified ISO 9001: 2015 for all their operations and VAT Systems France is qualified OPQCM.