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VAT Audits

A VAT audit of your firm’s accounting data will secure your operations. It may also generate savings.

VAT Systems performs VAT audits tailored to each company’s organization and priorities.

  • Securing your operations

In order to prevent risks related to a tax audit by the authorities, we propose that our clients carry out an audit of their VAT management.

The audit can be a complete review of the company’s accounting extracts, in order to identify the purchase and sales flows and to verify:

- That the VAT is correctly recorded in the accounts of the company,

- And that such VAT is correctly reported in the client’s returns.

Depending however on the company’s needs we can also perform a less thorough analysis, such as reviewing the company’s VAT Mapping, and if necessary, sampling invoices and transportation documentation, in order to verify their conformity.

  • Generating savings

A complete audit of transactions can sometimes identify potential savings ( VAT that has not been deducted). If the  client’s objective is to generate more substantial savings then other types of audits can be more appropriate, such as verifying any double accounting and/or double payment of supplier invoices.


Service steps
  1. 1Defining the audit’s objective
  2. 2Defining the scope to be audited to fulfill the audit’s objective
  3. 3Analysis and coherence controls of raw data provided by the company
  4. 4Verification of invoices
  5. 5Verification of VAT returns
  6. 6Communication of an Audit Report
VAT Systems France and Portugal are certified ISO 9001: 2015 for all their operations and VAT Systems France is qualified OPQCM.