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Tax Recovery

In several countries in the world and throughout Europe, certain taxes such as VAT and Excise duties on fuel are recoverable by foreign companies, by filing a refund request with the competent tax authorities.

The refund requests must comply with national legislations.

VAT Systems offers to recover any VAT and Excise duties when locallegislations allow it:

  •  Foreign VAT paid by companies in countries where your company does not carry out taxable operations on Accounts Payable or on Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expenses alike.
  • Deductible VAT on T&E expenses in countries where your company is established or registered for VAT purposes.
  • Moreover our knowledge of European VAT systems and our ability to service our customers lead us to handle the recovery of other taxes than VAT, such as fuel duty paid for trucks and aircrafts fuel consumption.


We put at your disposal our years of experience and the quality of our relationships with different tax authorities, in order to have the taxes refunded in the best conditions.

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VAT Systems France and Portugal are certified ISO 9001: 2015 for all their operations and VAT Systems France is qualified OPQCM.