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Other indirect Taxes

Clawback Tax (Romania)


In Romania, pharmaceutical companies which are authorized to place pharmaceuticals in the national market have the obligation to pay a contribution called the clawback tax to the country’s tax authorities.

VAT Systems can act as your fiscal representative in the country in order to register your company for this tax, to declare the amount of tax due and to pay the relevant tax.

If you work in the pharmaceutical sector and you would like to have the foreign pharmaceutical taxes handled by a specialist please contact us.

Environmental taxes


In Europe each country has set up its own rules as part of its environmental policy. These rules apply to specific business sectors.

For instance, the United Kingdom has implemented a « Climate Change Levy » which applies to certain industrial sectors. In Hungary and Bulgaria companies involved in the manufacturing of packaging products have to declare and pay specific packaging taxes.

VAT Systems can assist you concerning of these national regulations. When necessary we register you and take charge the preparation and the submission of declarations requested by the country’s tax authorities.

If you wish to be helped for the handling of your declarative obligations regarding environmental taxation within Europe, please Contact us

Aviation Tax/ Duties


Certain European countries have set up a tax on flight passengers departing from certain airports.

For example Air Passenger Duty is collected on flights departing from Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and France. This tax also applies in Italy for some types of flights.

Airlines are in charge of collecting this tax from passengers and paying it to the country’s competent administration.

VAT Systems assists airline companies to comply with this obligation by registering VAT Systems as agent with the competent authority and by preparing and submitting the tax declarations in compliance with the regulations of the country.

Contact us if you operate flights from these countries and if you need any help regarding the management of the aviation tax.

Excise Duties


If you sell alcoholic beverages through Europe, this generates obligations regarding the payment of excise duties on these goods.

VAT Systems will submit for you the necessary declarations in each country where you deliver alcoholic drinks in order to allow you to respect your payment obligations regarding the excise duties.

Contact us regarding the excise duties regulations.

VAT Systems France and Portugal are certified ISO 9001: 2015 for all their operations and VAT Systems France is qualified OPQCM.