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Fiscal representation in Europe

Certain business activities taking place in other countries require companies to apply to the local tax authorities for a local VAT registration and file periodical declarations (VAT, EC Sales and Purchase Lists, Intrastat…). Businesses involved in European cross-border operations need to ensure that they comply with the applicable VAT legislation, not only for their operations in general, but also for subjects such as invoices issued or received by the company.

With different local VAT regulations and foreign languages, assessing the compliance of one’s operations, preparing and submitting declarations can be complicated and time consuming.

Through our own offices and our network of local correspondents, VAT Systems is your one-stop-shop for your international VAT compliance issues.

  • VAT Systems’ mission is to assist clients in implementing appropriate VAT procedures for cross-border operations, managing correctly the flow of goods and services and corresponding invoicing procedures. We manage all correspondence with the foreign tax authorities and inform our clients accordingly.
  • When necessary we negotiate with tax authorities in order to correct situations retroactively where our clients have already carried out taxable operations in other countries without previously obtaining a VAT number. We file corrective VATreturns and recover any VAT credit.
  • VAT Systems provides online reporting with an overview of all periodic declarations along with listings of processed invoices.



Service steps
  1. 1Assessment of the VAT implications of international operations
  2. 2Application for VAT registration with the competent tax authorities
  3. 3Reception of accounting documents and accounting data
  4. 4Compliance control of accounting documents and reconciliation between received documents and data
  5. 5Preparation and filing of periodic declarations (VAT, EC Sales/Purchase lists, Intrastat)

Direct Identification or Fiscal Representation?

Depending on the countries involved, this registration will be either a «direct identification» or a «a fiscal representation»:

- In the countries which allow a direct VAT identification, the VAT number belongs to your company and VAT Systems will be registered as your agent with the administration of the country.

- In certain countries it is necessary, in order to register for VAT, to appoint a fiscal representative who is locally established and who is in general held jointly and severally liable with the tax payer for the payment of the VAT to the tax authorities. VAT Systems Group, through its subsidiaries and its local network, has the necessary structure and resources to be your fiscal representative wherever required.

VAT Systems France and Portugal are certified ISO 9001: 2015 for all their operations and VAT Systems France is qualified OPQCM.