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Excise duties

Wherever excise duties on fuel can be recovered, VAT Systems is there to help you recover them. Such fuel duties may concern fuel used by lorries and passenger coaches, as well as fuel used by aircraft.

  • Fuel duties on lorries and passenger coaches

Under certain conditions, fuel duties on fuel used by lorries and passenger coaches are recoverable in Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and Slovenia.

In these countries, tax refunds can be obtained by filing a request to the competent tax authorities for “commercial gas oil used as propellant”.

  • Fuel tax on aircrafts

In some countries like Switzerland or Germany, the tax on fuel used by aircrafts is also recovered under certain conditions.


If you are a logistics company operating a large fleet of lorries, a cross-border coach operator or an aircraft company and you are interested in overseas fuel tax recovery, please Contact us to receive a quote for this service.

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