VAT Systems’ tax specialists provide you at all times with the analysis and advisory support that you need for your multinational projects. VAT Systems helps you to optimize your tax affairs in line with your business purposes.

Our consultants assist VAT Systems’ clients to plan and execute international operations in compliance with the legislation of the countries concerned.

With our cross-border tax support, your  company can anticipate the tax consequences of its projected operations. We will provide you with the most effective multi-national advice in terms of quality and delay.

VAT Systems:

  • ✓ informs you of your compliance obligations,
  • ✓ assesses financial risks of incorrect operations,
  • ✓ indicates how to correct any incorrect treatment and assists you in the process,
  • ✓ tells you about your options when you are planning operations abroad,
  • ✓ highlights tax recovery possibilities.
Your consultant will address any issue regardless of the country and topic involved, including:


✓ Sales Taxes

✓ Customs

✓ Permanent establishments

✓ Transfer pricing

✓ Withholding taxes

✓ Aviation taxes and other specific taxes

✓ Excise duties

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Service steps

  • Reception of consulting request: Analysis and confirmation of understanding
  • Clarification of the operations (past or future) of your company
  • Analysis of gathered information and identification of main key research points
  • Research for key points in European and national legislation, case law and tax authorities’ guidelines
  • Identification of existing options in each country with corresponding consequences
  • Communication of a Draft Report for discussion, presenting the hypothesis, the options, their consequences and the most adapted solution
  • Discussion and Conclusions
  • Communication of a Final Report