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In a European Union of 28 member states and with ever increasing cross-border trade, companies are faced with complex situations related to indirect tax compliance of their operations in other countries.

Through our own companies and our international network of local tax specialists, we cover the legislations of over 50 countries and we provide services to Key Accounts and Mid-caps established in Europe and worldwide.

We are the one-stop-shop for all international taxation issues encountered by your company in the course of its foreign operations (VAT, permanent establishments, transfer pricing…).

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Indirect Tax Compliance

Companies face complex situations regarding the indirect...

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VAT Systems’ tax specialists provide you at all times...

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VAT Optimization

Entities who carry out exempt transactions not liable to...

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Tax Recovery

In several countries in the world and throughout Europe,...

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VAT Audits

A VAT audit of your firm’s accounting data will secure...

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