Our Group

VAT Systems is an international group of companies the purpose of which is to act as a one-stop-shop for all international taxation issues in over 50 countries.

Founded in 2004, our group is currently headquartered in France. We operate in Europe and around the world through our own subsidiaries and our international network of tax specialists.

VAT Systems Group is composed of the following companies:
✓ VAT Systems France
✓ VAT Systems UK
✓ VAT Systems Portugal
✓ VAT Systems Spain
✓ VAT Systems Hungary
✓ VAT Systems Bulgaria
✓ VAT Systems Italia
✓ VAT Systems Romania

Our expertise covers tax regulations of more than 50 countries, in Europe and around the world.

Our operations are organised into two departments, Compliance and Consulting and Tax Recovery Operations. We provide a full range of services to Key Accounts and Mid-caps established in over 30 countries:

VAT Systems Group


✓ Compliance and Consulting:
Indirect Tax Compliance & Fiscal Representation
VAT Audits
Withholding taxes
Payroll and Tax Returns for foreign Establishments

✓ Tax Recovery:
Foreign VAT recovery
Assessment of deductible VAT on employees’ Travel Expenses
Recovery of excise duties on fuel


VAT Systems is a member of the International VAT Association (IVA) working at the forefront of shaping EU policy on VAT issues International VAT Association Logo Blue